Welcome to our 1st EVER cosmetic product, we are so excited to announce our lipgloss to our unicorn fans, with its unique unicorn bottle (of course) and holotastic/iridescent finish.

Are you Holo-ing?

  • Holo Galactic Enhancer has been specifically created to enhance the holo/iridescent effect of the other colours. Used by itself it is a beautiful violet gloss. 
  • For Best Results, use over a dry down liquid lippie (nude was used in the picture) and dab don’t swipe 
  • 4.5ml – 0.15 fl oz and comes in unique branded packaging

Do not twist the handle to get more product out, should be used in a ‘in and out’ motion only, due to the delicate nature of the bottle and its unique shape.

This item is currently available on back order. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.

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