The Dirty B*tch


Hands up if you’ve been a Dirty B*tch and not cleaned your brushes for weeks on end. Yes we are all guilty of this at some point. Fret no longer, everything is now under control with our “Dirty B*tch” heart shaped silicone cleaner that will melt all your brush troubles away and those pesky germs.



How to use:

  • Insert your fingers inside the glove to aid holding it properly or just place on your palm.
  • Add your desired cleaning product on the ridges and grooves and gently massage the brush bristles against the textured surfaces to gently and thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and oils.
  • The small ridges on the top can be used for foaming and lathering. The grooves on the bottom of the heart are used to agitate the bristles.
  • Make sure to leave to air dry out of direct sunlight and heat.


Made of high quality silicone. We recommend using the glove tool carefully and lightly to avoid damaging your brushes.

Whether you are using foundation, contour, concealer, bronzer, highlighter in cream or powder form, your brushes will be cleaned thoroughly.


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